The UC Expansion

The University Conservative platform is in its growth stages and quickly becoming the ideal platform for students to incubate ideas and write about their experiences. When I came up with the idea of building a website, such as this, it was out of a personal desire to to share a platform with other conservative-minded students. We live in an age of secularism, institutional bias, suppression of voices, and division. This is a result of ideological extremists resorting to personal insults and attacks, rather than having open-minded discussion. It is also a result of the abandonment of patriotism, Judeo-Christian values, and unity. Instead, it is one side of the aisle opposing the other, and a constant battle for the “moral” high ground. The never-ending battle of winning the culture and defending the, so called moral high ground, will always results in a stalemate, because there is no communal awareness of what constitutes morality. This gives rise to groups like Antifa. It also has led to people protesting and calling President Trump a racist, in the name of black lives matter, when black unemployment is at an all-time low.

The University Conservative is for people who don’t just claim to be tolerant, but are actually respectful to everyone, regardless of their political views. It is for civil discussion and for intellectually honest people, that truly want to learn and grow with each other. The University Conservative, I believe is growing and gaining much interest, because people recognize the genuine foundation of it and are yearning for something like this. They want to learn from people’s experiences and ideas, that are based in logic, reason, and truth. The University Conservative platform will continue to grow with this premise and, hopefully, become the perfect network for conservative-thinking students.

I encourage visitors of The University Conservative and those with an innate desire and curiosity to learn, to read and write articles for the website. A few students have also expressed interest in starting clubs at their schools in the name of The University Conservative. I have spoken with these conservative leaders, and think that this will lead to further growth of this conservative, value-driven movement. For information of how to get an article published for The University Conservative, go to the “contact” link in the menu. Also, for inquiries on how to start a “The University Conservative” club on your campus, email Finally, there is an incredibly well-written and in depth article by Victoria Belbin coming soon. Let’s continue to grow The University Conservative voice together!

Chad P. Quigley, Founder


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