Have Some Respect

It’s been a crazy time in this country since Donald Trump was elected president. And even during the process that led us to that point, American politics seemingly had a face-lift before my eyes. However, it does seem to have affected one party noticeably more than another.

As we all know, the Democratic Party has incited an amount of hate for Donald Trump that almost makes me respect their passion. However, the nosedive that the left’s standards have taken over the course of this presidency, has frankly alarmed me. Throughout the course of the 2016 election, the words “racist”, “homophobe,” and any other -ist or -phobe word lost its meaning, as the Democratic Party base began to sling these words around to define anyone, who didn’t support their own cause. In addition, they sprinkled in a dash of hate, by using the phrase “Trump supporter” as their most caustic insult.

This hate-fueled rhetoric continued even after Donald Trump won the presidency, as the mainstream media continued to use anything and everything that our President did or said as a lousy effort to prove that he is as unstable as they claim. This ranged from blaming any criticism he had for anyone on their race, to applauding anyone who secretly recorded him (breaking their confidentiality agreement in the process). They even managed to set the bar lower than I thought possible, bringing his mental state into question, simply because they didn’t like his policies or the fact that he was president.

Soon, this hate began to diffuse into party policy, particularly illegal immigration. Previously, during the Obama administration, many Democratic leaders could be seen advocating against it. They agreed that we needed a stronger stance on the issue, and that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be afforded the same luxuries as citizens. As time went on, and when Trump was elected president, their position magically flipped. They began to suddenly turn a blind eye to any potential dangers that may come from allowing anyone into the US, all in the name of getting a few more votes. And whenever the president doubles down on our hard-line stance, they shout “racist,” because he recognizes that we need border security for those who come here to do harm.

And if this hate directed towards any Republican in sight has become the new norm, then I have some things to say. To modern conservatives: though we may be censored or talked down upon, we will never be silenced. I urge you to stand proudly for your values, in the face of any hysteria, as it will only bring about their self destruction. No matter how often facts are abandoned for feelings, we will always know what’s best for our country.

To modern democrats: have some respect. For your country, as we love ours no matter who may be in charge. Have some respect for your opponents and allies alike, as we are both perfectly capable of civilized debate and understanding each other’s positions. Lastly, have some respect for yourself, and stop this unwarranted hysteria just because you didn’t get the president you wanted. As I was taught in preschool, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Reid Neason

Texas A&M University, Class of 2022


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