The Death of Due Process by Matt Zupon

Due process; a great idea embellished by America’s legal system. In many countries, a mere accusation can wreck your career, damage your property, land you behind bars, or even result in a death sentence. Millions of people perished senselessly in nations like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, while millions still die today in countries like China and North Korea due to the lack of fair hearings. However certain this statute of law may seem, the recent mob mentality surrounding radicalized factions of American society prove that a shady pointed finger can trash someone’s entire life in minutes. Quite a few examples of this occurred as of late, many of which proved detrimental to people’s lives or, at the very least, severely tarnished their reputations.

As we witnessed in 2017, troves of sexual abuse victims publicly expressed their horrific stories as part of the #MeToo movement. While we need to foster a culture of acceptance for the poor souls that suffer daily due to abuse we must also draw a line when people falsely condemn others of abuse for means of activism. Politicians, CEOs, actors, and plenty others faced tumultuous protests before a court actually charged them as guilty.

Brett Kavanaugh, the big name currently circulating national networks for seemingly baseless allegations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, received these last week, the week that Senators wanted to vote to confirm him to the Supreme Court. As previously stated, not allowing Dr. Ford a platform to discuss these allegations with the Senate Judiciary Committee would completely tarnish the idea of due process: however, the reaction of far-left activists to the Honorable Judge Kavanaugh on such shady and incomplete evidence shows that the maliciousness of radical liberals on mere presumptions. Dr. Ford said thus far that 35 years ago, Brett Kavanaugh threw her in a closet. She also mentioned that she consumed some alcohol and felt intoxicated, and that she doesn’t necessarily remember if Brett Kavanaugh attacked her. On top of this, we now know of Dr. Ford’s liberal activism and her hate for President Trump. Interestingly enough, her attorney for this trial, Debra Katz, serves as Vice Chair of the Project on Government Oversight, a group directly funded by billionaire mogul George Soros according to The Washington Times.

What adds to the suspicion of this debacle resonates from the origin of the letter accusing Kavanaugh and the reluctance of Dr. Ford to testify. The letter, presented by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) last week, supposedly sat in the Senator’s office for over a month, as Sen. Feinstein admitted to withholding it from the public. Additionally, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) gave Dr. Ford a generous amount of extensions to officially agree to testify. She finally agreed to appear on Thursday, though some sources (such as Sen. Feinstein) do not know if she will actually show up.

On top of Dr. Ford, another woman stepped forward and claimed that Kavanaugh “exposed” himself in front of her over three decades ago. One more thing, she, like Ford, got tipsy and just recently remembered the incident after hearing Ford’s story. Supposedly it opened up this ”suppressed memory” and now she’s accusing Kavanaugh. Oh, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, will also represent an accuser during this.

How does all this loop back to due process? When you forget the “innocent until proven guilty” judicial system we live under and return to that of the Salem Witch Trials’ “guilty until proven innocent”, you wreck the lives and careers of those accused. Recently, we saw Bill Cosby go to jail for sexual offenses. He absolutely deserves incarceration after his accusers presented credible evidence to the courts. However, the left-wing of media instantly lambasting a respected Judge, whose previous classmates and girlfriends defended him, provides no good for Judge Kavanaugh, the #MeToo movement, and victims of sexual abuse across the country.

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