The Government Told Me To Drink and Drive by Drew Tomek

My first statement is that drunk driving is stupid, never do it. I thought everyone was on board with ending drunk driving, but sadly I was mistaken.  I’ve parked my car at several parking lots before a night of drinking, drove home the next morning after plenty of sleep, and everything ended fine.  Last night, I parked in a government owned parking lot.  I paid an already outrageous price for “event parking.”  I pick up my car in the morning and find that I am locked in the garage.  They will no longer accept my ticket because I stayed overnight.  They demand I pay an additional $25 just to leave the lot.  This four-story lot had maybe ten cars inside.  Ten smart people who decided that they should not drink and drive.  Little did we know that the government charges you for not breaking the law.

I have parked my car overnight in private lots for years.  Not a single time was I ever charged extra.  In fact, most lots even encourage you to keep your car in their lot overnight to prevent drunk driving.  But the first and last time I have parked my car overnight at a government lot, they decided to charge me extra.  Their logic “you should have moved your car.”  There was absolutely no response when I told them that next time I am going to drive home drunk because of them.  I will never drive drunk, but that is what is being promoted.  The private sector understands people’s needs, they understand that breaking the law is wrong, and the decided to forfeit profits in order to keep our civilization safe.  The government, who allegedly is here to keep us safe and benefit society has decided that they will trap you in their game until you pay them.

We need to wake up and realize that big government is not here to help the people.  Big government is not even for the people.  The government works worse than banking hours.  I had to hunt down a post office that is open long enough for me.  As a student who attends class, works and is active in extra curricular, I am too busy to mail a letter during the governments hours.  When I wanted to protest my $25 release from the parking garage, not a single phone line was active for the government.  The man is screwed by the corruption of the big government, and there isn’t a damn thing the man can do.

This is the world that we built, and this is the world that we need to fix.  The government steals your money, claims they will give it to people who need it, and then pockets it.  The government is corrupt, and I pity and envy anyone who is blissfully blind enough to believe the lies the government tells them.

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