Nowhere to Go, Part 3: A Distressing Future by Reid Neason

For most of us conservatives, it may feel as if our values have been under attack recently. While that may not entirely be the truth, it’s certainly not far from it. With the usual suspects on the left endorsing a wave of violence against anyone who dares resist them, we could only hope that the Democratic Party and their supporters will elect a fresh wave of younger talent to lead their charge into a more civilized and prosperous future. Or so we thought.

As we know, many modern leftists have contracted an addiction to identity politics, the ideology that one’s skin color, gender, sexual preference, etc., dictates what they must say and believe. This delusion also puts people into a hierarchy of merit based on these characteristics. (As a straight white conservative Christian male, I am the very offscouring of the identity politics world)

Though it did not appear to be much of a threat at one point, it has slowly begun to leak into their political decisions. Christine Hallquist recently won the Democratic primary for governor of Vermont. She is a socialist, but she doesn’t know it. This is because she has openly admitted that she doesn’t know what it is, then made the excuse that she “[isn’t] qualified” to say what it is. So one could ask, “Why would the people of Vermont take her so far?” There’s one simple answer: she’s transgender. I have no hatred for transgender people or anyone of any alternative sexuality whatsoever, but to elect her solely because her sexuality supposedly grants her the highest level of merit is absurd. She has even implied that this could be the case, saying that “everything seems easier” since she became a woman. While she does have some good ideas, like increased rural internet access, the people need to stop looking at her transgenderism and start looking at her policies, many of which are rife with socialism.

Speaking of American socialism, let’s now address the very face of the ideology, the darling of the Democratic Party: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Despite winging her way through interviews any time she is actually asked about her policies and turning down any and all debates, she is now up for the NY-14 representative seat. While Christine Hallquist’s socialist views are limited in nature, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s are much more so, and even paying for them would have disastrous effects on our country. Her programs would cost a reported $40 TRILLION, including her crown jewel, universal Medicare, which rings up at $32T. Just like the concept of limited supply, facts also seem to be stubborn things to her. I simply can’t comprehend where she gets such notions like “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs” or “ICE is required to fill 34,000 beds with detainees every single night.” Don’t even get me started on her proposal that the government should pay for anyone’s funeral who died because they couldn’t afford health care. I could go on for days about her shortcomings, but I’ll leave you with the fact that the Women’s Equality Party endorsed her opponent. He’s a man.

That’s enough socialism talk for today, so let’s move on to the simply bad apples. And who better to start with than their poster child, Kyrsten Sinema? Her actions over the years have me thinking she’s the mainstream reincarnation of Jill Stein, which is an honor(?) I don’t just give out like it’s socialism. If it wasn’t her telling a radio host she didn’t care if he joined the Taliban, it was for sure her repeatedly branding “crazy” Arizona as “the meth lab of democracy.” That doesn’t even touch on the fact that she invited a coven of Pagan witches to her anti-war protests. Even still, we haven’t gotten to her vote to weaken sentences for child sex traffickers, or taking a $53,000 donation from the founders of Backpage, which was shut down for facilitating sex trafficking. Amidst of all the antics I’ve described above, no matter how nonsensical or disgusting they may be, let’s end with a bit of comedy in the form of an email she sent after George W. Bush was elected president. According to Kyrsten Sinema, George W. “[crowned] himself King of the World for Life”, “[put] arsenic in our water”, and “[set] up secret tribunals to persecute innocent people for indefinite periods of time.” Moving on.

Not to insult a childhood cult classic, but if Kyrsten Sinema has a Sharkboy to her Lavagirl, it is surely Andrew Gillum. Whereas Kyrsten Sinema has simply done stupid things, some people Gillum is linked to are plain-and-dry criminals. His treasurer while he was the mayor of Tallahassee is currently under investigation for corruption after some lobbyists magically ended up with a multi-million-dollar grant after they treated him to Broadway plays and wine-and-dined him in Costa Rica. His driver records are currently tied to an active criminal investigation, and he’s affiliated with several anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups that call for boycotts of Jewish goods and individuals. If that’s not enough anti-Semitism for you, his running mate once said that the Jews “nailed [him] to the cross” after he lost the election for president of the Harvard Undergraduate Council. On a slightly lighter note of hypocrisy, he wants 100% clean energy in Florida ASAP, but the only problem is that he voted to build a brand new coal plant while he was city commissioner.

I’m getting long-winded here, so there is no better way to end this off than with a questionable man in my own home state: Robert O’Rourke, who for some reason insists we call him “Beto”. To be clear: he is Robert Francis O’Rourke, son of Pat Francis O’Rourke and Melissa Martha Williams. That makes him sound about as Hispanic as Elizabeth Warren is Cherokee. Given how lethal lying about one’s ethnicity has been to Warren, the same standard should apply to Robert. We shouldn’t have to even discuss the fact a lawsuit has just been brought against him for sending random Texans unwanted campaign text messages with no way of stopping them. It shouldn’t even matter that the Texas Democrats who nominated him are currently being investigated for sending voter registration packets to non-citizens with the “Are you a citizen?” box pre-checked “yes”. I guess that all this goalpost-moving right in line with his calls to make illegal border crossings legal and to have no authority who protects those borders.

Here you have now seen the current dilemma of the Democratic Party: their past icons refuse to surrender the spotlight, the old guard is getting more unhinged by the day, and some of those who may follow in their footsteps want to enact radical policies that would destroy what makes America so great. Because America is great. Let’s keep it that way, and vote for those who put their country’s interests above their own, regardless of party.

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