Inciting Violence by Spencer Manning

   After the pipe bombs were sent to Barack, Hillary, and other political players on the left, there was little to no gratefulness for the safety of these figures. There was little to no sighs of relief that these bombs did not detonate. There was just disgust from the public (mostly the left). Soon after the news of the bombs flooded the media, all eyes were turned to President Trump.

            It is no news that President Trump’s rhetoric is controversial. The way some people see it, including major media outlets, President Trump incited the violence. President Trump influenced the sending of these bombs. This is just ridiculous. President Trump did not say “harm my political opponents.” President Trump did not say “eliminate my critics.” President Trump did not incite this violence to occur.

            The same standard for inciting violence should be held for anyone, whether they lean left or right. In my eyes, President Trump is in no way responsible for the bombs being sent. Bernie Sanders is not responsible for one of his supporters opening fire on Republicans at a congressional baseball game in 2017.

            The rhetoric of the left claiming that President Trump incites violence by his statements regarding the media is just weak. The majority of media outlets have an obvious bias against the Trump Administration and it is not difficult to prove this. The reaction by CNN was to immediately make the accusation that President Trump was completely to blame for the bombs.

            Thinking about how politically divided our country is as a whole is honestly disheartening. There is no end in sight to this hatred for the other side of the political spectrum, and I am not sure what it would take for our country to unite and work together to better our entire nation.

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