Losing Nobly vs Winning Ugly by Jeffery Mcneil


When liberals whine to me about President Trump, they fail to realize he bothers them, not me. If you hate Donald Trump, that’s your business. You can’t make me hate him. I really don’t care how mad and angry you get because you don’t like our president. If you don’t like how democracy works and how Americans vote, don’t let the door hit you in the backside !!!

When Liberals complain about Donald Trump’s  “Moral Character” I say “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” It’s amazing how Democrats sit on their high horse and virtue signal when their the party defended Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Democrats yry to make Republicans out to be frauds when they’re the party that encouraged women to be sexually liberated, rather then find a suitable partner for a fulfilling relationship. The Bible used Sinners not the Saints. Donald Trump isn’t perfect, however, I’m not looking for a Pope but someone that can run the country. I think Trump’s doing a good job. This is my opinion. If you disagree, quit being a sissy and vote  in 2020, instead of whining and complaining because things don’t go your way.

Donald Trump is winning not because of racism, but because Democrats have been clueless for several generations. They see winning as a form of toxic masculinity and have ran all of the sane people out of the Democratic Party.  America was built on private property and ownership; If I buy, grow or sell it, I want to keep what I make and decide who I want to split my proceeds with. I shouldn’t have to give a third of my money to the government, when Washington has shown they’re incapable of spending our money wisely. I don’t think putting America First is racist. I want America to be number one unlike Canada, Guatemala, or Honduras.
The Democrats haven’t made a case why they should be in the driver’s seat. While the Democrats have doubled down on Sanctuary Cities, Abolishing ICE and refugees, many Hispanics and African Americans agree with Trump when it comes to building a Wall and deporting those that come here illegally. I want my tax dollars helping America’s poor. If you want to save refugees get yourself a van and put them in your communities. I can barely take care of myself. I don’t have the resources to care for everyone else’s problems.

When Donald Trump announced his presidency, what lured many Americans towards him was a sense that America lost its way. As a black, who isn’t African because I was born in America, I’m aware of all the wrongs done to us, but I’m not bitter and looking for justice or revenge. I voted for Barack Obama because I thought he would heal the racial rifts not exacerbate them. If other Blacks want to die for the cause over some sense of racial loyalty that’s their business but nobody controls me.

Instead of complaining and trying to have do-overs, learn how the game is played. Winners accept responsibility and look for ways to improve. I’m not your problem. You keep rolling the dice with the same sorry people that have led Democrats to losing ideas, policies, and elections.

Since Donald Trump won the presidency, Democrats haven’t ran on anything other than hating Trump, identity politics, and impeachment. The brightest minds in the Democratic Party were hoping many would have buyers remorse. It’s backfired spectacularly. While Trump isn’t perfect, his presidency hasn’t been a disaster as Democrats have warned. Outside of his conservative, Supreme Court picks, he’s governed from the center. On immigration, law and order, he’s more to the Left of Bill Clinton who was a hawk on crime and immigration.

It will be interesting on Nov 7th, the day after the Midterms, if there’s no “Blue Wave.” Will Democrats humble themselves or will they double down on listening to Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and many Democrats that call for incivility and mob rule. The media can spin all they want, but people are not siding with you!  What will Democrats do when Donald Trump becomes even more powerful when he has a near veto proof majority in the Senate caused by Democratic incompetence. How will the base react if George Soros or Mike Bloomberg use their money and influence to push a corporate Democrat over a socialist such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, which will insure Donald Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.

It’s wishful thinking that maybe after the midterms, some will realize their hate and contempt has been destructive. My hope will be moderate Democrats will get some backbone and drive the radicals out of the Democratic Party. When will liberals return the Democrats to a liberal party, rather than one hijacked by radical Marxists?

One thought on “Losing Nobly vs Winning Ugly by Jeffery Mcneil

  1. Another thing about this winning thing: Democracy is won through a vote on someone. Anarchy, which, frankly existed mostly in Communistic countries, was only succeded by Democracy.

    As I said on Twitter yesterday, Communism and Socialism seems all nice and kind at first; but, then they turn on the disarming-of-the-populous, political assassinations, and oppression.

    Russia, Brazil, the United States, Japan, Israel, and other populist-led nations, have come from darkness, and the fact that Democrats want to return to imperialist, Communist, socialist, and even fascist regimes is kind of sad. Do we not know what happns when we try socialism? Has anyone seen the death and destruction in Venezula, Cuba, Russia, China, Germany, Britain, and the other nations that have reformed and failed under Communistic rule?

    We need to remind people what happens when Leftism rules.

    We need to stop the Left from taking over this November.

    We Republicans/Conservatives need to vote.


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