Volatility of Cultural Appropriation by Chad Quigley

My initial motivation for starting The University Conservative was to combat the rise of leftist extremism that I was seeing on college campuses nationwide and especially on my own campus. Cultural appropriation is a major topic being propagated by the left, especially during the Halloween season. It is being used by the left to virtue signal, and like other concepts of this sort, it is turning volatile. There are fliers all over campus saying, “Your actions have meaning” and “We’re a culture, not a costume.” It is important to take note of the contradictions in leftist sentiments like these, before you adhere to their rules.

I was among the majority of children when I was younger, who dressed up as their favorite superhero for Halloween. For girls, it was largely princesses, but both genders would dress up as a cultural figure that they respected and wanted to be like. Halloween was not used as an opportunity to make fun of cultural figures, races, or outside demographics with costumes. Now, I agree with the notion that outside cultures should not be made fun of with costumes, but to say that you are inherently mocking that culture is not logically sound. That is like saying someone from an outside culture should not be permitted to dress as a cultural figure with a white background, because it is offensive. If the leftists are claiming that only white people cannot dress up in a costume depicting a different culture, which they are, then the only reasonable conclusion is that they are putting white people on a pedestal.

Are any of the leftist double-standards surprising, though?

Most certainly not.

This is a week, where we saw Megan Kelly get booted from NBC for “improperly” engaging in a discussion about black face. While I do not think black face is acceptable for its history, saying that it wasn’t a big deal when she was younger and honestly trying to contribute to a productive discussion should, in no way, be a fire-able offense. Oh, and this is the same week that the racist, Don Lemon, said that white people are our biggest terror threat and something must be done about them. We live in a vile and secularized culture, filled with accepted, illogical conclusions and double-standards. Upon observing this, and because I don’t want to bring up a family in the leftist, utopian vision (more like dystopian) for a future, I am more motivated to continue The UC and am very thankful for everyone else who has joined this conservative-thinking movement.

Chad P. Quigley, Founder

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