Does “Privilege” Really Apply To Me? By Peter Moon

Recently, I was in a college class and we were lectured on how different people are born with different levels of privilege. I wanted to pull my hair out hearing this, but I also wanted to be polite and let the weirdness fly. So, I kept my mouth shut and stayed quiet as my fellow classmates were taught at about supposed privilege we had. At first, it wasn’t anything bad. “Everyone’ born with privilege, we all have it…” blah blah blah. You’ve probably heard it, we all have. Now, this is where it got interesting. They then went over what groups are supposedly supposed to have “privilege” over others. It was what you’d expect from leftists: White males, Christians, older people, ‘cis-gendered’, hertrosexuals-all of these were the groups who had privilege. Then they got into the whole thing about power and privilege, and that’s when I about had it. But did I say anything? No. I kept my mouth shut, and stayed quiet.

This brought up a lot of thoughts for me. What about disabled whites, or Muslim-disabled-female-transgendered-gay-white woman? How does this structure even work? What happens if I change my whole identity, and become something I’m not? Is this their goal? How do I, a fatherless, legally blind, adopted white Christian male fit into the pyramid scheme of privilege? Do I even fit into this scheme? Is this scheme even real??

This is where it struck me: maybe this is where they get college students in their first year like me. They start out all pretty and nice, telling you that you are “like one of them”. They get you to join a group on campus, and then get you to tout their school like you were born into it. And then BAM! They hit you with this idea that you are a person who has secret oppressive powers since you were born a specific way. Let me be clear: they did say that they would feel horrible if someone changed their religion to get into another level of oppression. Really? Are they?

Here’s an issue: Everything, if not a full 60-80% of what they said, can be disproven. Let me explain myself.

The Real “Privileged” People

This is how “privilege” really works out. As a white man, I will be raked across the coals if I say something mean about someone who has a different skin color than I do. If I say specific words, I will be censored beyond belief. However, if this is a black person saying the same word, there will be excuses immediately released. Another one: Me as a man, I cannot speak out on women’s issues going in a conservative matter, because I am apparently speaking on something I have no say on. If I were a woman doing the opposite, no words will be said at me that are angry. Another one is my religion. If I want to pray in school, I have to do it in complete privacy. If I want to wear a t-shirt with Jesus on it or with a saying proclaiming my devotion to Jesus, there is a good chance that I will be scrutinized. If a Muslim wears their garb (which shows their devotion to their god), then no one has a problem with it. If you do, you’re called “Islamophobic”, even if you’re not. Another one is a led-disabled. I am disabled. I can make jokes all day about my disability, and no one cares. However, if a person without disabilities mocks me or makes fun of my problems, they are instantly shamed or ostracized.

Do you see what I mean? Not only is it a lie to say that the above classes I am in are somehow more powerful or privileged than others, it is a plain sign you are culturally blind. Affirmative Action gave those in other races or a different gender other than male (female) a supposed leg-up on the competition. If two people were running in a job-race together, the one who was a woman, black, or some other supposed “oppressed” class would get it, even if you were more qualified for the job. If they were to have it on a reverse, it would rightfully be called “racist” and a whole bunch of other names.

So why are they doing this? I have several ideas. Maybe the teachers are being forced to spread this SJW garbage by their leaders. Either the leaders, or the groups on campus. I don’t know who specifically, but I have several ideas. Another possibility is that these teachers are trying to be outspoken about their political beliefs. However, is this okay? No. I don’t think English class is the right place to talk about supposed privilege. And I don’t think it’s all the teachers’ fault that these trash ideas are being talked about. Instead, I’d wager it’s the first idea which is more probable.

All in all, this is not what I want to be told in College. I didn’t go to college in order to be told I’m an oppressor. I went to college because I wanted to get a good job in journalism. However, it feels like I’m one of the only people in my university who finds this trash laughable. Am I the only one? I don’t think so. But it sure feels like so.

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