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October 31st

My Personal Republican-Conservative Stance

by Darrel Mandeka

I am a Christian Republican Conservative who tolerates Muslims, homosexuals, Atheists, Liberals, and those who do not agree with me. When you hear that sentence, you may have one of two reactions. Either 1) You aren’t shocked, and understand what I mean, or 2) You are completely confused, and probably believe I have a huge problem with cognitive dissonance. But if you give me a few minutes of your time, I think I can explain myself sufficiently.

I grew up in a home, run by parents,  who were devout Baptist Christians. Some will say I was indoctrinated, that I was brainwashed, or that my political beliefs were heavily influenced by my parents. Well, only a third of that was true. By “indoctrinated,” yes, I was taught that my life is valuable, someone loves me, and that my life does indeed have a purpose on this Earth. Some will say that all of that is a lie and I’m fine with that. They have their views and I have mine. Anyways, this background is important to my story. Currently, Christian homes are under attack in our public education system. We’re taught that Christians have always been the bad guys, the racists, the sexists, the intolerable, and so forth. Except, that’s not the case. Never did either of my parents teach me that others who did not share the same faith deserved inhuman treatment or thought. They never taught me that homosexuals are to be ridiculed or persecuted. The same went with Muslims, Atheists, and so on. Even at the church I attended as a child, the same went on. We weren’t taught that Muslims deserved death, and we certainly did not tolerate language supporting that. Yes, I am aware that,in the Old Testament of the Bible, God did tell the Jewish people to attack and destroy another city. And, yes, I am aware that, in Romans, it did say things about homosexuals. I have read these verses, and I have thought about them. But you know what I found? God, who told us to act like Jesus, never told us to kill, harass, or harm homosexuals. In my personal view, I have little against homosexuals. While I may not agree with their lifestyle, or what they do, but I don’t want them to be harmed, or harassed for it. The only case in which I would be against homosexuality (verbally, anyways), is if someone who were gay had attacked someone physically or were pushing their lifestyle on someone else who personally did not approve of that. This standard applies to everyone. You could be a Muslim who believes in Sharia law, a Jewish man who believes in animal sacrifices, or even a pagan who believed that the Sun is a holy deity-as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, forcing your religion on others, or doing something to cause harassment against someone else, then I could care less what your personal beliefs are.

I do not support abortion in any single way; in all cases, I believe that the termination of a human life is wrong and should be illegal. Now, while I do personally believe this, I also believe that this topic should be placed into a ‘state’s rights’ issue, rather than a nation-wide issue. Other Christians may accuse me of not “caring enough”, “not believing in the Bible”, or “not wanting to see the preservation of life.” Believe me, if I were able to, I would outlaw all forms of murder unless it were against another murderer. But, I also understand that our nation, America, is built upon the idea of compromise; if you and the party can agree on an issue, and can agree to disagree, or find a way both of you can be happy, then that’s the best possible outcome. If California wanted to legalize abortion, have tight gun control laws, and wanted to have a welfare state, then I would be just as happy to live in the Republican state of Texas, which at the time of writing this, had no income tax and if it could, limit abortion while extinguishing gun control laws. If you’re happy, and you’re not going to get on me for my beliefs, then I won’t either. In the Bible, Jesus tells us not to be a hypocrite. If your “brother” (fellow Christian can be extended to family, friends, and associates) has a “moat in his eye,” and you want to take it out, then you need to make sure that you don’t have the same problem. I apply this to my life as well; I addressed this before, and after, but I feel it is the best way for a Christian to live. If you don’t agree, that’s fine; we can have a civil discussion about it and maybe we both can come to a middle ground.

In this Social Justice era, Republicans, and especially Conservatives, are branded as “intolerant,” “close-minded,” and “uneducated.” While I do not like to promote myself as an intellectual, I will talk about my open-mindedness. I watch and listen to several atheist YouTubers. One called “Styxhexanhammer,” is in fact, a former self-proclaimed Satanist, Paganist, and Atheist. Do I have an issue with that? If he were me, then yes. However, I cannot force him to believe like me, and I can only pray for him. Also, he is very independent in his views. On issues like abortion, he is very liberal; however, on issues like guns, he is very conservative, where he would like almost no gun control. Sometimes, Styx will talk about issues I disagree with him on. As I just stated, I do not agree with him on everything. But, in my personal belief, that’s a good thing. When a respectable person proposes an opposing viewpoint contrary to your own, there is a chance for both of you to learn more about the issue at hand, and a chance for your views to change. If you put yourself into an echo-chamber, you run the risk of only further placing yourself further and further into an ignorant state. When you listen to a Jesse Watters, make sure you have a Juan Williams to point out the flaws, lies, or misnomers in his arguments. When you have this type of system in place, you will personally benefit. And I know from experience that it has personally benefited my world-view, as well as my personal views.

In conclusion, my personal life is very strict in the moral-sense. I do not swear, I do not say slurs, and I do not do jokes involving them. In my romantic life, when I want to start dating, I wish to stay a virgin until marriage. I also want my children to be raised going to Church and present them with my points of view. However, I will never teach them that homosexuals deserve acts of cruelty on them, nor that Muslims deserve to be treated as sub-humans, or that Atheists should be ignored and branded as idiots. Why? Because I personally do not believe in these things. If I am to talk that talk, then I will need to walk that walk.

I am a Christian Republican Conservative who tolerates Muslims, homosexuals, Atheists, Liberals, and those who do not agree with me.