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These writers have had 6 articles published on the website and 2 published on The University Conservative bi-weekly newsletter, making them official contributors for The University Conservative:

The University Conservative Writers

Chad Quigley, Rockhurst University, The University Conservative Founder

James Perotti, Penn State University

Victoria Belbin, Trent University

Jeffrey Mcneil, Award-winning columnist, Washington Examiner,

                             Street Sense Media             Blog-The Daily Street Sheet

Ben Balke, Purdue Global University       Blog:

Reid Neason,  Texas A&M University

Weston Trefz, Kansas State University

Spencer Manning, Fort Hays State University

John Tristan

Sean Thomson, Los Angeles Pacific University

Charlie Dominguez, Coachella Valley High School

Matt Zupon, Penn State University

Peter Moon, Western Michigan University – Also occasionally writes for NEW RIGHT NETWORK

Garret Smith, Western Carolina University